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Sponsor a Classroom

Sponsoring a classroom allows you to provide essential resources and support to a specific Love Does classroom and its students. When you choose to participate in this program, you have the opportunity to make a meaningful impact on the overall education and well-being of a group of amazing students. You will then receive a letter with updates and stories from the classroom you are supporting. This may include photos, letters from the teachers or students, and reports on how your donation is making a difference in their education and lives. You can also choose to write an encouraging letter to the classroom you support!

If you would like to send a letter to the classroom you support, simply email with the subject line “Sponsoring a classroom in (insert country you’re supporting)” and we’ll reach out with the next steps from there.

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Northern Uganda came out of a 20-year civil war in 2007. We saw a need for education and began Restore Leadership Academy. The school was founded on the vision to give kids hope, a home, and the opportunity to receive a wonderful education.


Our goal in establishing the Girls Leadership Academy is to offer a remarkable education centered on leadership, empowerment, and peace-building to girls who otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity for education. Our primary and middle schools focus on education for both boys and girls in an area where access to education is limited.


Despite escalating conflict and insecurity in the Congo, the Love Does and Aurora schools continue to create a safe environment for education and maintain their academic success. Our schools remain resilient pillars to over 300 students in the community, continuing to flourish and grow thanks to the directors and staff who create a nurturing, safe haven for students.


Despite the Taliban control, our primary school has remained a place of safety and hope. While the future of the country is unclear at times, we know the power of education and community, despite the chaos, will continue to provide joy and encouragement to our students. We are so proud of the students and teachers at our school in Afghanistan.


Our Brick Factory School in Nepal teaches primary level subjects and provides meals and supplies for all of the students each day. Our after school program is thriving with anywhere from 50-60 students attending each week. These programs create a special space for these kids to learn and play. Students appreciate the care shown by their teachers which fosters a supportive educational environment.


In a nation where 73 million people live below the poverty line, many children lack access to adequate food at home. We've stepped in with our after school program providing support with crucial groceries such as rice, wheat, oil, sugar, and more. Over 50 children have been able to sustain their education, receiving essential educational materials and sanitary items.


The Ukrainian refugee students at the primary and secondary level learn a variety of subjects including Ukrainian speech and script, mathematics, Polish, English, computer science, physics, and even volleyball! Our school has accreditation from the Ukrainian school system to allow our students to receive certificates in Ukrainian, ensuring they don’t lose academic years when transitioning to Polish schools.

Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso is a country in western Africa that has endured conflict for many years. The median age in the country is 17, making it one of the youngest countries in the world, and access to education is severely limited. By supporting our primary and/or our secondary class you’ll help transform the lives of these students.


We opened our doors for the after school program in Israel in March 2023, welcoming our first students. In a high conflict area, opportunities for supplemental education give hope and peace in an otherwise restless and volatile environment.

Dominican Republic

Our Women’s Resource Center creates a wonderful environment where over 400 women are supported daily in the areas of education, health and wellness, and creative development. In addition, our preschools serve over 100 children as young as 2 years old to help establish academic foundations and foster social and emotional development.


An asylum camp in Tijuana, Mexico hosts 1,700-2,000 refugees coming from Haiti, Afghanistan, Ukraine, and various parts of Central and South America. The children residing at the camp are in desperate need of an education while they wait potentially months to be processed into the United States or Mexico. By supporting our primary and secondary school, you’ll help provide the students with a crucial stepping stone to shape their future.

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